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Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 04:41 pm
darkenglishrose: Episode #4

This is a guy I've talked to a couple of times, he usually gives up somewhere after the preliminary exchange of 'how are you's which is odd.
Names changed and all that.

Idiot: hi
shinigamis_queen: hi
Idiot: how ae you?
shinigamis_queen: good, you?
Idiot: same
Idiot: what have you been up to?
shinigamis_queen: not much
Idiot: working?
shinigamis_queen: no
Idiot: study?
shinigamis_queen: nope
Idiot: nothing?
shinigamis_queen: ..are working and studying the only possible options available to me then?
Idiot: lol
Idiot: serving men?
shinigamis_queen: uh, no
Idiot: lol
Idiot: whats your asl again?
shinigamis_queen: 19/f/yorkshire right now
Idiot: right now???
shinigamis_queen: ..yes, because during term I live in Bristol
Idiot: studying?
shinigamis_queen: yes
Idiot: studying what?
shinigamis_queen: Psychology and Drama
Idiot: interesting combination
Idiot: single girl?
shinigamis_queen: no
Idiot: faithful?
shinigamis_queen: yes

..And that pretty much shut him up.