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Tue, Aug. 1st, 2006, 01:27 am
darkenglishrose: Episode #6

So I've not been on my yahoo for a while, I finally went on and of course, just as I'm leaving I get a random message *sigh*
Anyway, this guy kept trying after I told him I was just leaving, though he got the message the second time.
I really wasn't in the mood for this one.
Names changed

Perseverant: evening, 20 m from bath
Perseverant: you ever heard of gloryhole
shinigamis_queen: no
Perseverant: its this
You have declined the invitation to start photo sharing.

shinigamis_queen: yea. right.
Perseverant: http://galleries.gloryhole.com/content/Pics/Ashly/08.jpg
shinigamis_queen: you caught me just as I was leaving anyway, bye bye now
Perseverant: you like big cocks
shinigamis_queen: what part of bye bye now did you not understand? And hell no.


I clicked the link out of morbid curiosity, it didn't finish loading before I closed it again.
Click if you dare.