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Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 01:11 am
darkenglishrose: Episode #2

Well, they're just not trying today.

This guy posted a mile a minute (each time there are several of his posts in a row, they were posted within seconds of each other) and then seemed to just give up...
IM name changed.

questiontime: hey
shinigamis_queen: hi
questiontime: i was just browsing profile the other day
questiontime: an di think i added u
questiontime: i dont really use yahoo any more
questiontime: do u have msn
questiontime: im pete by the way
questiontime: from bristol
shinigamis_queen: ...hi
questiontime: where in bristol r u
shinigamis_queen: I'm not, I'm home for the summer
questiontime: o
shinigamis_queen: mmhmm
questiontime: when u are in bristol
questiontime: where do u live
questiontime: do u go to uwe
shinigamis_queen: I did live on campus, but next year I'll be in Downend. Yes
questiontime: ok, i live in bedminster
shinigamis_queen: that's nice for you
questiontime: where do u livewhen ur with family?
shinigamis_queen: Yorkshire
questiontime: k

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